• Benchtop CNC Benchtop CNC
    Conversion of a cheap Harbor Freight benchtop mill to CNC
  • Ghostbusters Proton Pack Ghostbusters Proton Pack
    Ghostbusters proton pack, with lights and sound
  • Hexapod Hexapod
    My hexapod robot, standing under its own power for the first time.
  • 4x4 CNC Mk 2 4x4 CNC Mk 2
    The newly rebuilt 4x4 CNC router
  • Portal Sentry Standing Portal Sentry Standing
    The sentry finally stands on its own.

Welcome to qwindelzorf.com

This is the home of all my crazy projects.  Things I've made, or am making.  Some random bits of sofware I have written, and a few amusing (to me, a least) pictures I have taken. 

Things may be broken right now, as I go through and re-jigger the entire website.  I'm converting from a home-grown pseudo-blog to a real CMS, in this case Concrete5.  If you find something broken, let me know.  

Current Project: Portal Sentry


The turret is finally free standing.

It's not really a robot till it has legs

Both turrets are working and the pieces of the legs are done. We now have all the major components completed.

Adventures in Airsoft

We get the pods mostly done and have some fun with weaponry.
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