4x4 CNC Router

My CNC router.  It has a 4'x4'x8" working volume.

We can rebuild it...

We can rebuild it. Better. Stronger. Faster.

Apparently its called a "trivet"

I made a trivet for a friend. Now I know what a "trivet" is.

Dust collection, again.

Further dust collection work

Dust Shoe Revisit

An attempt to make a second dust shoe

To The Limit(s)

Installation of limit switches

Operation Dust Control

Building a dust shoe to keep the mess down

Router: First Blood, er, Dust

The first successful cut

Its (really) Alive!!!

All three axes are now working

It's (kinda) Alive!!!

Lots of wiring, and the machine springs to life

Carriages, Part 2

Yet more work on the carriages


Building the carriages

Paint, Drill, Repeat

Painting, then drilling, then painting then.....

The Kit

Most of the custom parts arrived


Adding the rails

Squaring the bed

Squaring up the bed

Makng the Bed

Built the bed of the router

Once more, into the breach

Starting to build a CNC gantry router