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Carriages, Part 2

Posted by qwindelzorf on December 14, 2008

Another day of work, more progress.

x_carriage.JPG gantry_mounted.JPG

I got the X axis carriage built and installed, as well as getting the X axis beam propertly mounted to the Y axis carriages. That proved to be quite a challenge, as the T-nuts for the bolts had to be slid in from the side and then the bolts threaded through them. Since I went with the "Economy T-Nuts", they are not perfect fits in the slot and tend to slop around a bit. This meant that I had to spend a few minutes prodding each one into position with a piece of heavy wire before they lined up with the bolts.


Of course, once I had all the bolts tightened and everything was ready to go, I realized that I had the X 8020 beam upside down, meaning that the steel rails were on the wrong side of the 8020 beam. This was not a major issue for the top rail, as I could just loosen all the bolts, slide the rail out, turn it around and slide it into the correct slot on the 8020. The bottom rail on the other hand was trapped between the Y carriages, so it had to be completele removed, the T nuts slid out (more fun with the sitff wire), and the whole processed reversed to mount the rail correctly (yet more fun with the wire).