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Makng the Bed

Posted by qwindelzorf on November 28, 2008

Spent some more time on the machine today. I spent a few hours fighting with the 8020 extrusion and the Superstrut, and was able to get the router bed built.


The little yellow bins contain all the various losable bits and pieces I have gathered up. I need to get more of them, and find somewhere to mount them all. They're handy little boogers.


This is how I eventually decided to mount the angle bracket that connects the 8020 to the superstrut. The bracket is held to the superstrut by a half-inch bolt with a lock washer and a half-inch spring nut inside the superstrut. The 8020 is then held to the bracket by 3/4" long 1/4"x20 bolt, going through a lock nut, and two fender washers, and finally an economy T-nut inside the 8020. The plans called for a "Unistrut Nut" instead of the two fender washers, but I could not find those at my local Home Depot.


Here's a view down the Superstrut. Here you can see the other tie the 8020 has to the superstrut via another 3/4" long 1/4"x20 bolt passing through a lock washer, two fender washers, and finally another economy T-nut. Again, the plans called for the ever elusive "Unistrut Nut", so the fender washers replaced it.

All this hardware is, of course, replicated eleven more times (six Superstrut cross-members, two ends each). If pursuing this sort of build yourself, I HIGHLY recommend having another person around to help get everything lined up. My father helped me, and without his invaluable aid, this would have taken easily twice as long as it did.