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Operation Dust Control

Posted by qwindelzorf on January 25, 2009

I spent this afternoon designing and then build a dust shoe that will allow me to hook my shop vac up to the router.

dust_shoe.JPG `

The plate is cut out of 3/4" particle board that I got out of the Home Depot scrap bin for $0.50. It took about 90 seconds to cut. The plastic is a piece of "Garage Door Weather Strip" that I cut the lower lip off of and then slit to make the little flaps. The rubber is held to the plate with staples for most of the perimiter, and the last quarter with velcro, allowing access to change bits. The whole plate is held to the router mount with a piece of 1/2" threaded rod so that the height can be adjusted with respect to the router.

I need to get a real dust collector to replace the shop vac, and when that happens, I will make a new plate out of clear acrylic so that I can see what's going on.