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Paint, Drill, Repeat

Posted by qwindelzorf on December 12, 2008

Well, I spent most of today working on the machine, and here's where it stands:


I spent much of the daylight hours painting the MDF parts, and drilling then cleaning up the steel for the rails.

painting_parts.JPG cleaned_steel.JPG z_rails.JPG

I did encounter a couple of gotchas. The short steel pieces for the Z axis are not duplicates. I drilled them both only to realize that they are not to be drilled the same. They need to be mirrored. So I ended up drilling one of the rails twice. It will have to serve until I can come up with another piece of 3/4" steel angle.


I also accidentally purchased these crazy nuts. They look just like regular zinc plated hex nuts, but they have little square stampings embedded on 3 of the flat sides. These nuts are made so that they can be forced on, but do not come off again. This, of course, was not what I wanted, so I had to go back to the store to get more of them. I also discovered another product that my local Home Depot does not keep in sufficient stock: 1/4" lock washer. I blew though the 50 or so I had on hand and tried to get more, only to discover that they only had about 30, loose, in a bin. I bought what they had and am getting as far as I can.

drilling_hdpe.JPG tapping_hdpe.JPG

I then spent the rest of my day drilling and tapping the various High Density Poly-Ethelene (HDPE) parts that had come with the kit. After working with the hand tapping tool for a few hours, I don't know if my hands will ever un-cramp.

More will be done tomorrow.