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To The Limit(s)

Posted by qwindelzorf on April 17, 2009

I have been using the machine for a while now and have added a few more upgrades.


I finally got and installed some IGUS e-chain to manage all the wires. So the white hinged arm is gone, as are the hanging cables on the side. You can also see a black pipe running vertically in the background. That goes to my dust-collector. Now I have to install some 3-inch flex hose to the cutting head. The hose off of my shop-vac just dosn't provide enough airflow.

x_limit.JPG y_limit.JPG

I also added homing and limit switches. This is incredibly helpful for re-zeroing the machine, and allows for automatic squaring of the gantry, ensuring that the left and right motors for the Y axis are synchronized. I'll try to get some video posted here soon of it cutting something.