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Posted by qwindelzorf on April 19, 2006


Today, I hooked up the power supply, control electronics, and a stepper all together for the first time. Surprisingly, it all worked. The computer was capable of turning the motor at a given speed or to a given destination. The controller I am using is produced by HobbyCNC. It is very capable, and has options for half, quarter, eigth, and sixteenth stepping. I can happily say it works very well.

The computer controling it all is an old HP Vectra I bought on eBay. It's runing Windows 98, simply because that's the most recent OS that still runs real-time DOS programs, which is required to run virtually all of the CNC software out there.

I have not yet decided what the entire software chain will be. I have to find a suite of software that can be used to draw 3D objects, convert those objects to G-code, and then finally something to control the machine according to the G-code.