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The Hookup

Posted by qwindelzorf on April 21, 2006

I spent most of today in the garage, and managed to get almost everything hooked up.


As can be seen, I have set up the computer, electronics and mill all in one corner of my garage.


The computer and screen are mounted on a TV swing arm I picked up at Home Depot. You can also barely see the wireless adapter in the window behind the monitor. This, combined with VNC allows me to upload files to and control the system from inside my apartment.


I also built a small shelf under the computer system to hold the electronics for the mill. I then wired up all three steppers and covered up the wires with some split wire loom. The Z axis is still not done, but that can wait till I have the other two axes actually working.

Sadly, after all this, I still don't have a working system. It appears that these wimpy little steppers, while very cheap, are not up to the task. I can tell them to turn, but all they do is stutter. There may be something I can do to make the X and Y ways move a little smoother, but I suspect I will need to purchace some more forcefull motors before this system becomes operable.