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Sensory overload

Posted by qwindelzorf on February 26, 2006

sensors.jpg Sensors arrived earlier this week. I spent some time yesterday afternoon building brackets and mounting up the IR sensors.
sensor_bracket.jpg Here is what I came up with. It's a piece of aluminum angle cut to size with a pair of tin snips, and drilled as needed.
sensor_mounted.jpg Here is a picture of the bracket with the sensor mounted on it.
sensors_placed.jpg Here are all six sensors placed on the robot chassis. Note that in this picture, the chassis is upside down.
sensor_done.jpg Here is one of the sensors, mounted and turned right-side up. There are six of these sensors, one between each pair of legs.

These sensors have a minimum sensing distance of about 8 cm. This shouldn't be a problem though. As you can see from the mountings, the sensors visible distance will start about at the pont that the lgs end. So, the robot will be unable to sense distances less than the radius of it's own legs.

I don't yet have the sensors connected to anything, as I don't have any A/Ds to hook them to yet.

The camera also came in, but I have yet to decide how to mount it. It's significantly larger than I expected. I may have to disassemble the housing that it came in in order to reduce it's profile. We shall see.