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Servo Control

Posted by qwindelzorf on January 29, 2006


Huzzah. Today my servo controller arrived. You might notice my innovative and entirely original battery system. Honestly! I planned it that way! Nooooo, I didn't just go to Home Depot and buy the cheapest thing I could find then hack it to bits with a Dremel tool........

Now, all that's left to keep it tethered is the serial cable. I'm thinking that I will see about using a WiPort to control it.

I've been giving some thought to the control archetecture. I have yet to decide if it's going to have a brain onboard, or if I will just do all the processing on a regular computer. The total autonomy of an onboard brain is cool, but it would increase power drain, and be more expensive. Using a computer would also allow me to do significantly more complex tasks, like video processing and speech recognition.

Decisions, Decisions.