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What has six legs, and can't walk?

Posted by qwindelzorf on January 26, 2006


Indicated in this picture is an issue I noticed while assembling my hexapod. While assembling the legs, I discovered that if I were to put a screw in the hole on the right, it would critically constrain the leg's movement. As a result, for now, I have left the screw out.


My assembled hexapod.

Another note: while assembling, the instructions indicate that three of the legs should be built as mirror images of the others. It seems to me that this is a bad idea. When you do this, the servos on three of the legs rotate in the opposite direction of the servos in the other legs. For example, if the knee joints are all commanded to, 45 degrees, then they will not all move in the same radial direction (out), rather half will moe one way (out) and the other half will move in the opposite direction (in). This can be fixed either in hardware by making all the legs the same, or in software, by reversing the directions sent to those three legs.


My cat, derisively inspecting the new invader