Portal Sentry

Building a real-life version of the sentry turret from the videogame Portal

Software Shenanigans

In which software issues prove to be a major point of failure for the whole project

Yet more delays

Man, owning a home is a lot of work...


The project goes on a semi-unexpected hiatus


The turret is finally free standing.

It's not really a robot till it has legs

Both turrets are working and the pieces of the legs are done. We now have all the major components completed.

Adventures in Airsoft

We get the pods mostly done and have some fun with weaponry.


The robot gets a skeleton

The Last of the Fiberglass

We appear to have come to the end of the fiberglass process

Even More Fiberglass

The epic fiberglass journey continues


This post contains 900% of your recommended daily allowance of fiberglass.

Watching mold grow

An eternity of sanding to prep the molds for layup.

Third Manufacturing Method's a Charm, Right?

We revert to the devil we know: fiberglass

Well This Sucks

Vacuum forming the crazy way.

Bondo, Foam, and Failure

The first attempt at manufacturing a sentry gun from Valve's hit game, Portal.

Another crazy project

A friend and I decided to build a real-life, full size, portal sentry gun.