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Adventures in Airsoft

Posted by RedPeasant on April 30, 2011

When we last posted an update, we had the basic skeleton in both pods. Now we have the gun boxes fully enclosed and have all the mechanical stuff packaged inside them. Here's a shot of what the insides look like right now:


In the bottom left is the cut-up remains of an airsoft gun with a gravity feed hopper in the bottom right. The black box in the upper right is the controller for the stepper motor, which is the green cylinder mounted in the center. The big black thing sticking up out of the middle is the rack and support bar that the pod will travel on. The belt drive and pinion are hidden by the support bulkheads and the clamp. For reference, this is the left pod and the left side of the picture will be up when the pod is upright.

The airsoft guns we used were cheap mini MP-5 look-alikes. We did a little bit of creative remodeling in order to get them small enough to fit in the pods and so that we can control them with the Netduino.


Also, I am proud to present the first event of this project worthy of video. Here's us test firing the airsoft gun in the right pod:

As always, there are more pictures over in my Flickr stream.