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Even More Fiberglass

Posted by qwindelzorf on April 18, 2011

Our second attempt at the body mold proved much more successfull than the first. This was primarily due to the fact that we split each layer into 7 different pieces of fiberglass, put down over the course of 4 batches of resin.  Then, we did all that again for a second layer of fiberglass.

Here are all the seperate pieces of fiberglass for one layer of the body mold, all laid out and cut to fit.


And here's what it looked like several hours later, after two layers of fiberglass and eight batches of resin:


Extracting this piece from the mold proved to be very difficult, and ended up being rather destructive.  The mold was damaged, and so was the shell piece we were building.  Both will need rework and repair.


The pod shell, when put atop the body shell, starts to look like half a sentry turret.  Huzzah! It's starting to take shape.


We were also able to get the two out of the four needed knee shells done.  These tiny, deep molds were very difficult to get the fiberglass put into smoothly.  The one pictured came out well enough, but the other ended up just kind of having the second layer of fiberglass wadded up inside it.  That proved not to be such a bad thing though. The wad of fiberglass, once dried, made that shell very strong.  It also was incredibly difficult to get out of the mold.  I persevered though, and got it out, to the detriment of the mold.  RedPeasant pulled the other, and learning from my mistakes, managed not to damage the second knee mold as badly.  In the end though, the body mold and both knee molds will need repairs, starting all the way back at the spackle stage.

IMG_20110417_165337.jpeg IMG_20110417_173602.jpeg

So, while rehabbing the molds, we went ahead and cut out some of the parts for the internal structure of the pods.  we will use the mold as a form in order to hold the thin shell in place while we glue in the ribs.

Overall a productive weekend.  We completed both pod shells, two of four knees, the eye, and one of two body shells.  Still to do is repair the body and knee molds, and create two more knees and another body shell.