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It's not really a robot till it has legs

Posted by qwindelzorf on May 22, 2011

So, we're back, and have resumed work on the robot.  Yesterday, we mostly did cleanup on the existing parts. We trimmed the edges of all the fiberglass parts and added alot more epoxy to the whole thing to further solidify the bonds between the MDF skeleton and the fiberglass shells.


Once that was done, all the shells were reasonably sturdy.  Before going any further with assembling the main body, we realized that we had better come up with some legs for the robot. The original plan had been to build the lower legs out of sheets of polystyrene glued together.  However, upon further inspection of the model from the game, we discovered that the surfaces of the lower legs are not flat. This ment that the polystyrene plan would not work. We discussed doing them as fiberglass shells, but neither of us was at all interested in doing that again. So, we had to come up with another option.


We ended up settling on laminated plywood. I sliced the model for the lower leg into 3/4" thick layers, and then we cut those slices out on the CNC router table.  


Once all the laysers were cut out, they were glued together and then clamped, making one very strong piece with all the 3D curvature of the original model.


The upper legs (between the body and the knee) were bent from 3/4" galvanized steel EMT conduit.  RedPeasant printed out a template extracted from the model, and the conduit was bent to match that.  Once it's painted black, it should look about right.


So, at the end of the weekend, we have all the major components completed.  The next step is assembling it all, which will undoubtedly introduce a whole new set of challenges.