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Watching mold grow

Posted by qwindelzorf on April 12, 2011

This is why we didn't want to do fiberglass in the first place.  Both of us knew that there would be a loonnngggg boring process of paint, sand, paint, sand, ...  And nobody enjoys that kind of tedium.  


This seemingly hideous block of foam is the output of that interminable process.  It is, in actuality, a thing of beauty.  The mottled coloring is from the numerous coats of paint that have been layered on, then sanded down, only to be covered by more paint, which is in turn sanded away.  This mold has about thirty-five billion coats of paint on it. Then, it has been repeatedly hand waxed to ensure that it is smooth as glass.  


At this point, both of the large molds are completely finished, and only the small molds remain.  Speaking of which...

IMG_20110410_200849.jpg IMG_20110410_200844.jpg

The small molds have now each been plastered, then spackled, then given two base coats of paint.  Now, they too must go through the crucible of sanding and painting and sanding and....

Hopefully everything will be done by Friday, so that we can do the fiberglass layup then.