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Yet more delays

Posted by qwindelzorf on January 21, 2012

Owning your own home is a lot of work.  There are an endless number of things that come up and need work done.  Needless to say, this has cut into my time for crazy projects.

So, after the move, I decided that the wooden base for the CNC router was insufficient.  It had been slowly falling apart due to the weight and shock load it was continually subjected to.  So, I am building a new table from 2-inch steel box tube.  So, I got all the plans figured out, ordered the steel, got it home, cut and drilled everything, only to discover that my little Lincoln MIG welder is not up to the task of welding 3/16 mild steel.  

So, now I'm working on coming up with a new welder.

But, progress on the sentry has not been stalled in this time.  We have spent some time working on the electronics, and RedPesant has been figuring out the software for the Android phone that will be the robot's brain.  Initially, we were going to use Qualcomm's QCAR library to do the target recognition and tracking. But that seemed like overkill, as it also does alot of 3D rendering stuff we don't need.  Happily, OpenCV has been ported to the Android operating system. As of today, we have the OpenCV samples compiled and working.  RedPeasant also got the IOIO board talking to the custom controller we built for the pods. So, the phone can now control all the electronics in the robot.  He also got the sound clips out of the game assets, and onto the phone.  

All the individual parts of the software for the robot are done, now they have to all be tied together.  And we actually have to finish building the robot...

Here is where the physical chassis stands:


And again, but with the pods extended: