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Posted by qwindelzorf on October 21, 2008

This project is defunct.  If you want any support on it, you are on your own. 


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What is it? What does it do?

CallExport is a simple appliction that exports the call log from a phone to an Excel readable .CSV file.


And why would I want to do that?

The main feature of CallExport is that it allows you to easily mark certain phone numbers as "Personal". It can then total up the number of minutes spent talking to these numbers. This is most useful for people with company-provided phone plans, who must separate work and personal calls.


But I'm not a business-person who has a company-issued phone. Why would I want to use this program?

If you use your personal cell phone for work, you can itemize all work calls and take them off your taxes. Or perhaps you want to do a statistical analysis of how much time you spend talking to different people on your phone? Or perhaps you want an exact log of how many times you called your sister this week. Or... um... well... That's all the flimsy ideas I can come up with at the moment. Realistically, you probably don't have any reason to need this program.


What is required to run CallExport?

It runs on Windows Mobile Professional 5 or 6. CallExport does not currently work on Windows Mobile Smartphone devices, though it may in the future. You will have to have the .NET Compact Framework version 3.5 or later installed. You can get the most recent one directly from Microsoft.


How do I install it?

To install CallExport, download the CAB file above, and then transfer it to your phone via the mechanism of your choice. Alternatively, if your phone has internet access, you can download the CAB file directly to your phone from this website. Once you have the file, you must navigate to the file's location on your phone, and execute the CAB file. It will then install CallExport, and place a shortcut in your Programs list for easy access.


I installed it but it says something about .NET Compact Framework. What do I do?

You do not have an up-to-date version of the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework on your phone. You should probably install it, as this is not the only program out there that will want it. You can get it from Microsoft here. You will want to download it to your computer and then run it there. It will install onto your phone via ActiveSync.


OK, I installed it, now what?

There should be a shortcut in your Programs list to run the program.


Fine, I found the shortcut, and it's running. So, now what?

Click on the "Import" menu in the bottom left and choose "Import Calls from Phone". The program will then get a copy of your Call History from your phone, and display it for your perusal.


Neat. So, how do I export all this information?

With the usefully named "Export" menu in the bottom right. Click on it, then on "Export Calls to File". You will be asked where the file should be saved, and what it should be named. You can then later retreive this file via ActiveSync, or if you have internet access, send it as an attachment via email.


What about personal numbers? I was promised personal numbers!

Once the call list has been imported from the phone, numbers may be marked as Personal. To do this, simply check the box on the left corresponding to the number you wish to mark as personal. Once a number has been marked, all other occurances of that number in the list will also be marked. Additionally, the totals at the top of the screen will update, indicating total work call time an total personal call time.


OK, but I don't want to have to check off all of my personal numbers every time I run your program.

The list of which numbers are marked as "Personal" can be saved for future use. To do so, simply click on "Export" and choose "Personal numbers to File". You will be prompted for a name and location. The program will remember where you saved the file, and automatically use it next time the the call history is imported to mark your personal numbers for you.


This program is all well and good, but it really needs [name of special feature]. How long will it take you?

I'm really not interested in adding [name of special feature], or anything else. I wrote this program for one purpose, and it does that. I put it up here just in case someone else who had the same problem I did was looking for a solution.